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Child’s First Trip to the Dentist?

The First Trip To The Dentist – A Guide For Parents

As we all know, having good dental health is essential to overall wellness. Developing in your children the habit of brushing and flossing is a wonderful start, but regular check-ups and cleanings with your dentist are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. When you start caring for their dental health as children, you ensure their overall wellbeing for their adulthood to come.

A Primary Tooth Timeline

The time when a child gets his or her first tooth varies between the first three to sixteen months after birth. On average, the first tooth usually erupts around six months. Incisors are the first teeth to erupt, with the bottom two teeth traditionally arriving four to eight weeks later. The timeframe of tooth eruption in infants and toddlers is hereditary.

Teeth continue to erupt in the child’s mouth until all twenty primary teeth have arrived. This process is generally completed by age three. At this point, the child will have these teeth until the shedding process begins. Children start to lose their primary teeth sometime during the ages of six and seven

If it is time for your child to visit the Dentist then this is a must read. Some great tips for considering when your child should make their first dentist trip. As well it talks about how to calm them down and prepare them for the dentist. Check it out!

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Kinect will violate your privacy? | World News Express

Kinect will violate your privacy?

Posted on November 15, 2010 by jenny

A recent press conference held by Dennis Durkin, chief financial officer of the Xbox 360, opened the scenarios to which few would think first.
In fact, presenting the potential for customization of Kinect, the manager of Redmond has revealed that the new motion controller is able to report how many people would be in a room at the time of broadcast in a particular spot, or are fans of that team users through the analysis of the colors of the clothes worn. The latter case may be emblematic of the U.S. territory, where the Xbox Live Gold members have access to the sports network ESPN.
At this point, however, it is clear that while Kinect could be a good investment for advertisers around the globe, the other would be the possibility that third parties have access to a range of sensitive data relating to privacy.
The latter possibility has been flatly contradicted by the same men Microsoft stating that it has developed an impressive series of measures to protect privacy, in their opinion the best in the industry of videogames.
The problem is: Redmond, regardless of how these data will be used later, however, would come in possession of sensitive information concerning the privacy of users.

This is an interesting article about how the new Kinect for XBox 360 could actually be an invasion of our privacy. Who would have thought?

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☺ America’s Funniest Home Videos part 1

This is a video from the classic TV show – America’s Funniest Home Videos. There are some pretty funny clips in here. I think my favourite is the Garbage Man loving Dog. That dog is impressive!

Enjoy the video.

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10 Steps to Great Curb Appeal | Real Estate Whitehorse

If you’re getting your home ready to sell, don’t forget the outside when you consider sprucing up the home. I’ve seen over the years the effect of curb appeal on home buyers. Great curb appeal is a first impression that can set the tone for how the buyer views the rest of the home. If they feel a strong “Welcome Home” message from the time they approach the home, they are much more favorable to the rest of the home. I’ve put together some basic tips for achieving great curb appeal for your home.

1. The front door has to give the ‘Welcome Home’ message loud and clear. A fresh coat of paint is a must, new door knobs and hardware, if the old ones are worn, and a new kick plate if appropriate. Studies show that red is a favorite color, if it fits in with the style and colors of the home. Create a focal point at the front door by adding a wreath of flowers, or a cozy chair or bench if there is room.

2. Wooden trim must be repaired of wood rot and freshly painted. Buyers spot wood rot right away and suspect that the home might have other deferred maintenance issues.

3. Overgrown plantings also scream of lack of maintenance. Trim bushes and trees and put a layer of new mulch on beds. If you can’t plant some colorful flowers, put some potted flowers near the doorway. Colorful flowers are friendly and welcoming.

4. Renting a power washer for a day can take care of a lot of problems. Power washing mold and algae off of outdoor surfaces is important, mold shouts deferred maintenance to most buyers. Power wash driveways, walkways, stoops, porches, siding and decks, making a clean, sparkling impression.

5. Paint faded shutters to make a clean fresh look. Re-think windows that are without shutters, keeping symmetry in mind. Staining or painting siding may be necessary if the house is faded and dingy. Address repairs in siding and roof shingles. If you have repairs that will need to be done, doing them before you list the house will eliminate negatives in the buyer’s mind and may even net you more in an offer.

6. Putting new black top on the driveway can sharpen up the approach to the house. If you can afford it, take care of cracks in cement and walkways.

7. It may sound like a small thing, but a ratty-looking mailbox will really stand out once you’ve done all the other sprucing up. Home supply stores carry lots of types so that you should be able to find one that fits your home’s style for a reasonable cost.

8. Start using a product like Scott’s Weed and Feed right away, so your lawn will be in great shape. And it may go without saying, but keep the lawn mowed when you have your home on the market.

9. Make sure your house is easy to show. Put the lockbox in a prominent place and make sure walkways are clear.

10. Keep the entrance well-lit for night-time showings. After you’ve spent all this effort on your curb appeal, you don’t want buyers to miss it in the dark. You also don’t want any accidents.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on any of these projects, in fact you shouldn’t. Just consider a little elbow grease a good investment. Make sure you don’t overdo anything, including paint colors, flowers, and outdoor furniture. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors, you just want to make them feel welcome. Welcome enough to want to stay!

All of this effort will pay off when you grab a buyer’s interest before they even walk through the front door.

Karen Highland writes articles to inform buyers and sellers about the real estate market in Central Maryland for Frederick Homes For Sale by Highland Group – Real Estate Teams

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Suite 400
Frederick Maryland 21701
Associates at Real Estate Teams LLC

Article Source:

This is a great article about impressing your potential buyers before they even step foot into your door. A must read for anyone looking to sell their house.

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Coldwell Banker Whitehorse

If you are in the process of selling your house or think you might want to in the near future then I suggest checking out this video. They give some pretty good tips on how to stage your house. This definitely makes it more inviting for the potential buyers. It is less then 5 minutes long but full of great information!

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The Best Thing You’ll See Today: Jeff Goldblum and Biz Markie Sing ‘Just A Friend’ | Badass Digest

This is definitely the best thing that you will see today. Classic!

A great rendition of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”!!

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Dogs save toddler’s life | Courier Mail


Hero dogs Tank and Muck, who saved a toddler from drowning. Source: The Courier-Mail

TWO family dogs are being hailed as heroes – and may receive bravery awards – after they saved a two-year-old boy from drowning in a dam at a property near Mackay yesterday morning.

Police said the dogs, a Rottweiler cross and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, dragged the boy from the water after he had wandered on to a neighbouring property’s dam.

The owner of the property had heard a noise about 11am and had run to the dam, which was about 100 m from the house.

The woman found the boy lying on the embankment of the dam covered in mud with the two dogs, usually thought of as aggressive breeds, by his side.

Police said there were drag marks from the waters edge to where the boy was lying and small scratches on his arms from the dog’s claws.

“We are certain the dogs pulled him out of the dam,” a police spokesman said.

“It is an amazing story.”

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The Queensland Ambulance Service said the mother and child were taken to Mackay Base Hospital as a precaution, and the child did not need CPR.

They were believed to recovering at home yesterday evening.

RSPCA Queensland chief executive Mark Townend (Townend) today said it was an extraordinary story.

“To actually drag a kid out of a dam is amazing,” Mr Townend said.

“It’s sort of a bit unbelievable at first but police assure me that’s exactly what’s happened.”

He said the RSPCA would get the details from the police and would decide whether the dogs qualified for its animal bravery award at the association’s next meeting in February.

“We have limited awards we give for very special occasions and I would be surprised if this one doesn’t qualify for that, to be recognised,” he said.

Here is a heart warming story about two Hero Dogs that save a toddlers life. You have to love stories like this, don’t you?

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