Kinect will violate your privacy? | World News Express

Kinect will violate your privacy?

Posted on November 15, 2010 by jenny

A recent press conference held by Dennis Durkin, chief financial officer of the Xbox 360, opened the scenarios to which few would think first.
In fact, presenting the potential for customization of Kinect, the manager of Redmond has revealed that the new motion controller is able to report how many people would be in a room at the time of broadcast in a particular spot, or are fans of that team users through the analysis of the colors of the clothes worn. The latter case may be emblematic of the U.S. territory, where the Xbox Live Gold members have access to the sports network ESPN.
At this point, however, it is clear that while Kinect could be a good investment for advertisers around the globe, the other would be the possibility that third parties have access to a range of sensitive data relating to privacy.
The latter possibility has been flatly contradicted by the same men Microsoft stating that it has developed an impressive series of measures to protect privacy, in their opinion the best in the industry of videogames.
The problem is: Redmond, regardless of how these data will be used later, however, would come in possession of sensitive information concerning the privacy of users.

This is an interesting article about how the new Kinect for XBox 360 could actually be an invasion of our privacy. Who would have thought?

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